UnityFour is a company of tax consultants and accountants based in Athens. We pride ourselves on offering a full range of services including bookkeeping, audit, accounts business advisory, and dynamic tax planning to a broad base of clients both local and international.

Clearly Defined Standards

We seek to apply high quality standards. Our company’s code provides guidance on how to always improve our working relationship, by outlining responsibilities and standards to be met so as to ensure our clients are always represented and advised above their own expectations.

Quality Starts with People

Our quality focus begins with our own people. UnityFour greatly values the importance of team work. We appreciate every person recruited or associated with us. Care is taken to how they are trained or integrated within our working environment and how they become part of our team. We have a healthy working environment which produces substantially better end-results for our clients.


Technology plays a vital role in the services that we offer. Whether applicable to keeping clients up to date or making our expertise base more accessible, we place great importance in keeping up with the constantly evolving technological aspects of being a top-end consulting firm. Our team of technology experts works closely with us to deliver a wide range of products. Technology plays an integral part in our everyday work, and is equally applicable to every client we handle; no matter its objective importance.

Governance structure

In a highly competitive and changing financial environment, our company recognises the importance of management in the development of our business.

Our Approach

Our inspiration and challenge are the needs and strategy of our clients. Our commitment to our clients and our own people, and ourselves is to use all our resources, expertise, and capabilities to successfully achieve their goals.

Our aim is simple. Advisory of high quality, combination of technical expertise and an understanding of the commercial environment that our clients operate within.

We have having worked hard to establish and to constantly increase our clients’ base. We take pride in working hard to comprehend and overcome any of our client’s difficulties. Whether they are of a significant magnitude or minor importance, we put our best efforts in bringing business opportunities to their attention.

As every client is different in their expectations of us, we seek to accommodate their particular expectations as we feel it is our duty. We follow their business wherever it is, operating with confidence across cultures, time zones, and power networks. That is the reason why we keep investing in infrastructure, managing knowledge Information Technology, internal know-how and global databases.

This is the reason why we established this organization to focus the culture and needs of entrepreneurships. For our clients, to have their people, wherever, whenever their business is. 

After all it is not business as usual. It is your business.



In association with Pistiolis Triantafyllos and Associates Law Firm, we provide a wide range of legal services to support all your business activities in Greece.



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