The following fundamental principles have guided our team in their service to our clients:

Consulting Excellence

Our Firm has worked diligently in obtaining a valuable reputation for providing vigorous management, tax and accounting services. Besides the prerequisite skills essential to every successful consultant, our Firm is equipped with practitioners of substantial experience and extensive expertise in order to ensure the provision of high quality services.

Client Service / Dedication to Clients

To us, “client service” means more than being responsive to our clients’ business needs. As with our present clientele, we believe in building a professional relationship with our clients so as to not just oblige any difficulties faced today; but become a trusted business advisor that our clients can depend upon for many years to come. Putting our clients’ needs first is an absolute priority. Ensuring that they receive clear, concise and practical advice, based on commercial reality within which they operate, is essential in our relationship with them. We promote open discussion with our clients and regularly offer the opportunity to participate in presentations and seminars to discuss relevant business and tax issues. All members (from partner to trainee) are easily accessible to all, so that our clients can always be comforted by the fact that we can be contacted whenever they wish to do so. Our company daily-updated-database allows for all associates to quickly become acquainted or updated with a client or a case, and efficiently advise (if so required) them within a very short period of time.

Absolute Focus and Determination / Strategic Thinking

Our Firm is involved in innovative and pioneering work in a variety of sectors. Our hand on experience in various areas of the business environment allows for greater understanding of the needs of our clients' business, and ensures they reach their business objectives successfully. With in-depth industry knowledge and consulting experience, we are able to identify complicated issues and focus on what matters most to our clients.

Integrated Tax/Accounting and Legal Advice

Our Firm is an affiliated company of PISTIOLIS-TRIANTAFYLLOS & ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM, takes pride in advising domestic and international businesses of both their tax and legal concerns and potential liabilities. This well established relationship between the two companies has allowed the Firm to acquire a recognised name in the industry; especially as the advice sought by a client might not always be purely financial in nature.



In association with Pistiolis Triantafyllos and Associates Law Firm, we provide a wide range of legal services to support all your business activities in Greece.



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