UNITYFOUR has set up a specialized team of experts that through a cutting edge proprietary methodology help corporations to obtain agility and overcome hurdles and challenges in order to re-position themselves even in the worst market conditions.

UNITYFOUR’s deliverable is a 360o advisory service that involves the in-depth analysis of all aspects of operations of a company and transforms them in gaining long term growth.

UNITYFOUR implements a 5 Phase (As-Is Appraisal, Benchmarking, Targeting, Gap Analysis, Quick-wins & Wins) methodology to formulate a tailor-made strategy and a business development plan for companies and organizations across all sectors.

We use independently or jointly valuation methods as to objectively assess the value that requires funding, restructuring or it is in the process of a merger or an acquisition. We have the ability our customer for either the Buy or the Sell side in defining the fair value.

We use robust statistical models that estimate with high confidence the feasibility and the return of an investment under various scenarios and stress tests.

UNITYFOUR supports companies and entrepreneurs in reaching to funding sources.

UNITYFOUR has a team of business, finance, accounting, tax and legal experts that transform entrepreneurial ideas to a professional and sustainable business plan.

UNITYFOUR is co-working with owners and managers of a company that faces the need of a re-start. Our experts provide customized plans that are based in empathy of the internal and external operating conditions that a company lives by.

UNITYFOUR has the necessary gravity and expertise in operating as an ‘honest broker’ between counterparties to achieve a mutually beneficial agreement in company/entity acquisition, fund raising, share capital increase and debt re-structuring projects.

Our services include the following:

  • Strategy & Business Development Planning
  • Enterprise Valuation
  • Investment Appraisal
  • Fund raising Support
  • Business & Financial Modeling
  • Operational re-organization
  • Mediator

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